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LeadershipRx IMPACT

May 26 & 27 2023

Learn the art and science of communication and make it your superpower. This course will provide you the tools and current evidence to help you build meaningful connections faster. Lead a tribe of loyal supporters so you can delegate authority, rise to new challenges, and spend more time doing what you love.

The diversity of today's healthcare landscape has the potential to foster high levels of creativity, innovation, and performance. While most leaders know this to be true, few effectively maximize the value of great leadership. Don’t waste time on business coaching until you have first invested in yourself. Your job as a leader is to empower others to do better and be better. First, through leading by example and influence but, also by setting up chains of accountability so that passion and productivity can multiply in your absence. 


Good to Great in Private Practice - Online Self-paced

Previously sold-out live event now made available in easy to complete online modules!

Endorsed by Osteopathy Australia, this 18 module course created by Dr. Jade Scott, Osteopath and GrowthRx Founder is packed with everything you need to take your practice from Good to GREAT! 

You'll discover statistically proven strategies to:
✔ Fast-track practitioner development
✔ Improve patient management and trust
 Achieve greater treatment outcomes
✔ Retain more staff and patients

 Grow your practice.


Download your Good to Great Sampler

The success of a business starts with knowing its people. 

What Motivates Your Team?

Register your business today and gain valuable insight into which of the 7 Key Motivators makes your team feel valued, happy, and engaged in the workplace.


Good to Great in Private Practice - Live

When: 23rd April 2023
Where: Multi-Purpose Room Community Hub at the Dock
Time: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Cost: $545+GST


The very BEST of Western Region Health Owner and GrowthRx Founder, Jade Scott's most valuable mentoring & training modules in one powerful day. This content that has been personally polished and formalised over the last 2 decades and is now fully endorsed by Osteopathy Australia.

Statistically proven strategies to fast-track practitioner development by improving patient management, trust, treatment outcomes and client retention.

Post-course surveys reflecting a 15% increase in KPI patient retention and an additional revenue of up to $20,000 post attendance



The V-Score™ will revolutionize the way you deliver feedback. 

This creative data entry platform will ease the stress and anxiety often associated with performance management and difficult conversations. As a business owner it allows you to set a comparative benchmark that can be used to reflect on for years to come. It’s important that your team feel that their contributions are validated beyond that of just standardized KPIs.  

Whilst objective measures are imperative for growth, so too are the individual contributions of each team member in the workplace. Character, consistency, and competence all play a key role in providing a positive culture and collaborative environment, especially those that underpin our core values and common purpose.



DISC Advanced®

DISC ADVANCED® is a personal assessment tool used by millions of people around the world to improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace, providing in-depth reports on individual attributes and communication styles.

We offer individual reportsteam building workshops and one-on-one private leadership consultations.

The perfect tool for:

✔ Improving practitioner and/or support staff self-awareness
✔ On-boarding and recruitment
✔ Understanding individual team members
✔ Conflict resolution and negotiation
✔ Performance reviews and objective behavioural feedback
✔ Supporting and improving healthy workplace relationships


Healthy Systems SWOT

A Modern Day SWOT Analysis Of Your Business.

This toolkit will allow you to reflect on your business operations. It can be used as a strategic review, or as a leadership development activity amongst your team.

Based on statistically proven strategies to fast-track business & practitioner development this systematised overview will allow you to gain control of your organisation.

Take action now! Do better and be better, in business and leadership. #dobetterbebetter

Performing a SWOT analysis will help you devise a systematised review of the internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) and the external factors (opportunities and threats) of your business.



Impact Dial

Over the last few years, it has become more obvious that whilst some allied health practitioners are wonderful in the treatment room, they are not so confident when it comes to numbers. We all know the important value of knowing your figures, but often, many business owners have no idea where to start when it comes to financial projections for the year ahead.

The Impact Dial offers a simple solution to help you better understand the numbers and make confident decisions that will improve your bottom line. 

The Impact Dial provides:

✔ A detailed chart of accounts
✔ Structure to your financial projections 
✔ The confidence to set budgets and stick to them
✔ Give you valuable insight into your business that will allow you to hire new staff member and see the real impact of fee increases at a glance
✔ Predict your profit ahead of time
✔ Support lean cutting in areas where you are paying too much
✔ Most importantly, know when you can start paying yourself that little bit more!



Practice GrowthRx

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME EXCITING NEW CHANGES AND ADDITIONS!? In light of the current climate, some amendments have been made to the employment model. These updates support changes to workplace relations, employer obligations, better team culture and overall business profit.


Common Conditions: A Practitioner & Patient Resource Toolkit

50+ Common Conditions with extended tutorials and educational resources. Made for the practitioner as a practical resource and educational tool. Covering over 50 common conditions we see every day such as lower back pain, tendonitis, migraines, joints sprains, and much more ALL IN downloadable PDF versions for you to keep!


Graduate Mentoring & Training Programs

I have compiled, polished and documented countless hours of valuable advice into 12 months of easy to follow Training Modules. These extractions are taken directly from Western Region Health & Osteopathy's reputable internship and structure mentoring programs. 



  • Exceptional management
  • Excellent communication
  • Lasting patient relationships
  • Over 20 full time Osteopaths averaging >93% patient retention
  • Growth of an active 30,000+ patient database in less than 8 years.

For best results in Practitioner growth, this program is best coupled with my 'Good to Great in Private Practice" course and Mentoring and Training Programs. 


Business Growth Summit

Hosting some of the biggest names in Allied Health Business – delivering take-home, actionable processes that can be implemented immediately to accelerate your growth.

Featuring 11 incredible GrowthRx leaders, advisors and mentors across multiple areas of business expertise to motivate you to ‘do better, and be better’ in business and leadership.


GRx Live - CPD Webinar Series

Each week we stream 'GRx LIVE' to our GrowthRx Facebook Community with industry leaders covering a wide range of topics. These powerful micro-courses and educational webinars benefit all practitioners, from new graduates to successful business owners. Our mission is to help others learn, connect, and reflect so that we can grow collectively as healthcare providers. Our world-class speakers usually charge for their valuable time, education, courses and expertise. We are extremely grateful for their time and generous resources.


CPD Live Webinar on the GO!

GrowthRx Webinar Series is available on SPOTIFY.

You can now take your CPD wherever, whenever!

During work? Turn your stereo on and tune in to GRowthRx.

Out for a run? Take us with you.

We have over 30 hours of free resources available. When your done, simply head to the members area and download your CPD certificates for your records.



Embracing KPIs

Jade Scott leads discussion on: ‘Embracing KPIs in Private Practice’ Key points:

➡️ The real reason people hate the idea of KPIs and how to overcome it

➡️ Why we need to embrace statistics if we want to be better practitioners

➡️ Why KPIs are crucial if we want better patient outcomes

➡️ Which KPIs are the most important ones to track

➡️ What do KPIs really tell us about patient management

➡️ The importance of valuing team members beyond that of just statistics

➡️ How to use KPIs to motivate yourself or your team

Take home actionable advice to inspire practitioners in private practice of all experience levels to do better and be better; to encourage better workplaces and promote high value care.


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