DISC ADVANCED PROFILE® | Proudly delivered by GrowthRx


Profiles For Allied Health & Support Staff

GrowthRx now offers psychometric profiling specifically focussed on the behavioural types of allied health professionals and support staff. Reports are interpreted and delivered by our certified practitioners. 

DISC ADVANCED® is a personal assessment tool used by millions of people around the world to improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace, providing in-depth reports on individual attributes and communication styles.

We offer individual reportsteam building workshops and one-on-one private leadership consultations. 

LIMITED OFFER: Purchase 2 or more reports and receive a complimentary team, or paired report to the value of $300!

Option 1. Detailed Individual Assessment

($150 + GST)

Purchase a single report or multiple assessments for your team. Price is per individual report.

The perfect tool for:

✔ Improving practitioner and/or support staff self-awareness
✔ On-boarding and recruitment
✔ Understanding individual team members
✔ Conflict resolution and negotiation
✔ Performance reviews and objective behavioural feedback
✔ Supporting and improving healthy workplace relationships

These reports will enhance team communication and difficult conversations, support practitioner growth and personal development, improve patient outcomes, and encourage support staff looking to gain a greater understanding of their own behaviour styles and perceptions. 


Option 2. Advanced Team Workshop
($2797 + GST)

✔ Includes up to 5 reports
✔ One hour team and individual report review
✔ One hour team presentation
✔ 30-minute guided discussion and Q & A
✔ 30-minute team review
✔ One hour reflective review/one-on-one consulting with the clinic owner and/or management
✔ Additional reports discounted by 30% - $100 per person +GST



Option 3. Private Clinic Owner & Leadership Consulting 
($1997 + GST)

✔ Includes up to 5 individual reports
✔ One hour team and individual report review
✔ One hour DISC education presentation (One-on-one with business owner/managers)
✔ One hour reflective review/one-on-one leadership consulting and support
✔ Additional reports discounted by 30% - $100 per person + GST



Gain a better understanding of your behavioral styles and improve valuable relationships with your team


Our passion to help inspire workplaces to do better and be better. We provide a customised support service that removes bias, provides a clearer understanding of your team, and will help you inspire a shared vision for collaboration and growth.

Walk away with:
✔ Better communication and understanding of individual behavioural styles
✔ The confidence to facilitate better interactions and engagement with your team, and the the right tools to navigate difficult conversations and conflict resolution
✔ Greater perception. Both your own and others
✔ Intimate knowledge of your own leadership style
✔ Ability to adjust your style for greater influence and discipline
✔ Improve your workplace culture and environment
✔ Motivate and empower high performing teams

Meet our Facilitators

DISC ADVANCED® with Jade Scott

Osteopath, Owner/Director of Western Region Health and Founder of GrowthRx, and certified DISC Advanced facilitator.

Through a wealth of experience from studies at Harvard Business School to Melbourne University and the creation of GrowthRx, a global Allied Health Community, Jade delivers the best in Healthcare Education. Jade is a Business Consultant and Employment Strategist who has dedicated the last ten years to helping support and develop over 2000+ Practitioners and Clinic Owners. Jade is also a proud Leadership Development Mentor, Team Performance Coach and advisor to many award winning companies and leading CEO's around the world.

Jade has recently been honoured with the prestigious ‘Alumni Award in Service Excellence’ at Victoria University for her work in mentoring and guiding the next generation of healthcare professionals, and was a finalist in this year's Allied Health Awards for Leadership & Management Excellence. Her passion for positive psychology, human behaviour and organisational culture has been praised by her loyal clients and outcome focused results.  She is a sought after business coach, keynote speaking, and leading entity in the allied health and corporate leadership space. 

"My mission is to create more world class leaders in healthcare -- to inspire others to do better and be better across all facets of life so we can thrive. I look forward to providing you with up to day, evidence-based information 'worth knowing' that allows you to continue to grow as the best individual you can be. Let's do this."

DISC ADVANCED® with Michael Mannix 

Michael has inspired the leadership team at Western Region Health for over 10 years. Whilst his day to day focus is on osteopathic clinical supervision and supporting a large team of allied health professionals, he is also a valued GrowthRx mentor and certified DISC Advanced consultant. In more recent years Michael has dedicated his time to improving his natural leadership style. He now invests heavily in post-graduate studying and leadership development with a focus on team culture, and exploring ways to encourage thriving, healthy workplaces. It is through these endeavours that he found the DISC profile system.

Not only has Michael found behavioural profiling useful for his own self-reflection, it has enhanced his understanding and communication with those around him. These valuable tool build better team dynamics, support other’s professional strengths, and allowed him to adjust his behaviours accordingly. Additionally, the learnings from DISC profiling have helped to him developed greater relationships and better patient outcomes in a clinical setting. As a result of his personal success with the program, Michael now enjoys helping other workplaces implement and enjoy the same benefits. His presentations and reporting have become highly sought after amongst allied health business owners as a value add to better understand their team, colleagues and patients.


Psychometric profiles help us understand how various people communicate, how our communication style is perceived by others and why we perceive their communication style in the manner in which we do. 

People regularly misunderstand people and often wrongly perceive others intentions. When people acknowledge differences amongst their peers, they soon realise that they have been unfairly or incorrectly misjudging them and a whole new perspective and tolerance can be achieved. 

We administer profile reporting and in-depth delivery for teams of up to 5 people (who work closely together), or priceless one-on-one consultation with clinic owners, managers and leadership teams. Self- awareness is crucial for personal and professional growth. Our advance team workshops are a great education platform for staff retreats, team building exercises and additional professional and leadership development and mentoring.