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Advanced Leadership Development 
in Private Practice

Develop the skills you need to lead a more productive team and inspire meaningful change in patient’s and client’s lives. Emerge from this course a better clinic owner, practitioner, and leader

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Advanced Leadership Development

in Private Practice


"Leadership skills and personal development is the best gift you can give yourself and your team." Jade Scott, Founder & Director of GrowthRx and Western Region Health. 

"The best investment you will ever make." Dr Louise Bibby, Advance Sports Osteopath and Leadership at Western Bulldogs AFLW

"This course is a game changer and just what the health industry needs." Nick Schuster, Physiotherapist, Clinic Owner & Founder of The Ultimate Physio.

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LeadershipRx | EMERGE

An investment into Self- Awareness, Personal Growth & Reflection
Two-day Course Price: $1997+GST

✔ What is Leadership? Why Study Leadership?
✔ Leadership Overview: Characteristics, Attributes, Skills & Traits
✔ Leadership Styles & Types (4 Styles Resource/Bill Taylor Quiz)
✔ What Makes a Great Leader? 5 Categories of Great Leadership
✔ The Science Behind 'How We Lead'
✔ Understanding and Improving Emotional Intelligence
✔ How we Lead: Crucibles & Kryptonite | Ego & Identity
✔ Practical Exercise: A Leaders Journey – Finding your sweet spot
✔ Reflective Review & Adaptive Leadership Development Group Workshop
✔ Understanding Psychometrics: Personalised DISC Advance Report (16-20 page report valued at $165) *Additional costs apply




Immerse yourself and your team in an advanced leadership program that will: 

✔ improve patient outcomes

✔ enable better client experiences

✔ enhance clinic growth

✔ build trust & team culture

✔ improve relationships & communication



Who should enroll?

This advanced leadership development course and individual programs are designed for practitioners, health professionals, and support staff who want to strengthen their leadership and communication skills to improve both personal and professional development; particularly those who want to inspire and build high performing teams or meaningful contributions to the workplace. It is ideal for clinic owners, managers, mentors, and aspiring educators and practitioners in healthcare.

✔ Listen, support and network with like-minded, provocative peers in regular leadership development breakout groups and adaptive leadership challenges. 

✔ Participate in mini-masterclasses on building emotional intelligence.

✔ Explore the 5 Categories of Great Leadership to discover your own leadership styles & types.

✔ Complete a reflective workshop to discover your core identity and share your leadership journey.

✔ Learn how to use DISC psychometric profiling to understand your adjusted behavioural style and communicate better at work with your exclusive 16 page assessment (included in course fee).

✔ Be inspired by modern examples, videos, TED talks, industry leaders... and more.


Kamara Wagstaff, Practice CFO & Accountant

“A truly fantastic event and one that has brought change to my world. Jade Scott is far beyond an educator she is a woman who delivers knowledge with integrity, vision and passion and you cannot help but walk away feeling ‘something amazing just happened to me’. This course is a true gift in personal and professional development.” 

Lisa Cornel, Physiotherapist and Clinic Owner

“Words cannot do you or this course justice. It was inspiring, empowering, thought provoking, challenging but best of all it brought together so much information in a concise and useful way. I am still buzzing from it, thank you!”

Amanda Chandler, Osteopath & Pilates Manager

“This course was incredible. Not only was the content amazing but I was left feeling empowered and ready to take on the world. I couldn’t not recommend this course enough.”

Catherine Stonehouse, Practice Manager

“I was totally inspired, completely taken out of my comfort zone on so many levels!! It has made me hungry for more. So, empowering and thought provoking with like- minded beautiful people all striving for the same goal ‘To Do Better & Be Better’.” 

Additional preparation, pre-course work, and resources: 

Private FB group: Exclusive area for attendees to connect and discuss program content, and maintain professional networks after completion of the course. 

 Adaptive Leadership Challenge: 20-minute peer review adaptive change analysis (as part of group course)

Recommended Course Reading and Video Resources: 1-3 hours of reading, audiobooks and video links

Note: Non of the pre-reading or recommended videos are compulsory. These are added value adds to support ongoing education and are completely self-directed. 

Your Event Host & Course Facilitator

Dr Jade Scott 

Leadership Development Coach and Founder & CEO of GrowthRx; a consulting and education company that designs and implements customised professional development, leadership services and courses to organisations and individuals.

Jade is also an experienced Osteopath, Clinic Owner, Business Strategist, Keynote Speaker & Director of Western Region Health.

Through a wealth of experience from Harvard Business School to Melbourne University and the creation of GrowthRx, a worldwide allied health community, Jade is able to bring to you the best in clinical leadership and education. Jade has recently been honoured with the prestigious ‘Alumni Award in Service Excellence’ at Victoria University for her work in mentoring and guiding the next generation of healthcare practitioners. Jade’s passion for social behaviour and organisational culture has been certified by DiSC Advance Australia and supported by her ongoing work with over 3000+ Australian Health Professionals, Students, and Private Practice Business Owners.

"My mission is to create more world class leaders in healthcare -- to inspire others to do better and be better across all facets of life so we can thrive. I look forward to providing you with up to day, evidence-based information 'worth knowing' that allows you to continue to grow as the best practitioner you can be. Let's do this."

Advanced Leadership Development in Private Practice! 


LeadershipRx | EMERGE registration now open.

Contact us at [email protected] for more details or to arrange a complimentary leadership exploration call to see if this course is right for you.


Please contact us for more details, or to book a complimentary leadership exploration call.

Contact: [email protected]

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LeadershipRx | EMERGE


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To deliver world class, quality course content that rivals some of the best Universities in the world,
by Jade Scott, Leadership Development Expert and Coach.