Healthy Systems SWOT

A Modern Day SWOT Analysis Of Your Business.

This toolkit will allow you to reflect on your business operations. It can be used as a strategic review, or as a leadership development activity amongst your team.

Based on statistically proven strategies to fast-track business & practitioner development this systematised overview will allow you to gain control of your organisation.

Take action now! Do better and be better, in business and leadership. #dobetterbebetter

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Welcome to the Healthy Systems SWOT

Performing a SWOT analysis will help you devise a systematised review of the internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) and the external factors (opportunities and threats) of your business.

Clinic owners and their teams are encouraged to use these unique tools for a variety of reasons—to inform strategic planning, assess the feasibility of growth, or make a decision about where to dedicate resources for mentoring, new staff, culture, policies and incentives.

Whatever your specific reason for doing a Healthy Systems SWOT, these downloadable PDFs will help streamline your business SWOT analysis so you can get the best out of your discussion and review.

  • First, you’ll decide whom to include in the meeting. Because the SWOT is generated through active discussion, it’s critical to get the right people involved. To get the most out of this exercise I recommend you bring together your practice managers, senior clinicians or support network. For smaller clinics and solo practitioners, this is still a great starting point for business assessment and future review.
  • Then you’ll prepare for the meeting by gathering any necessary data or background information.
  • In the meeting, you’ll lead your team through each of the body systems and relate the four SWOT categories; brainstorming, consolidating, clarifying, and prioritizing your team’s ideas.
  • The end result will provide you with a completed Body Systems Analysis Matrix that will guide you towards your intended objective, vision, and goals for the future.

Your Leadership Development & Business Toolkit Creator

- Dr Jade Scott (Osteopath)

Owner/Director of Western Region Health 

Founder & Director of GrowthRx Education

Employment Strategist and Consultant to Employsure's Designated Allied Health Advisory Team

Harvard Educated Leadership Development Facilitator & Team Performance Coach

'After years of business mentoring I have come to realise that the best strategies for growth and reflection are the easiest ones to implement. My mission is to create more resources that make business owner's lives easier'.

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