The Impact Dial

Stop Guessing And Start Projecting!

Over the last few years, it has become more obvious that whilst some allied health practitioners are wonderful in the treatment room, they are not so confident when it comes to numbers. We all know the important value of knowing your figures, but often, many business owners have no idea where to start when it comes to financial projections for the year ahead.

The Impact Dial offers a simple solution to help you better understand the numbers and make confident decisions that will improve your bottom line. 


Why your business needs

The Impact Dial?


This detailed chart of accounts and spreadsheet offers a simple solution that will help you make important strategic decisions when it comes to clinic operations and future growth —

Know your numbers and let The Impact Dial take the guess work out of it!

The Impact Dial provides:

• A detailed chart of accounts

• Structure to your financial projections

• The confidence to set budgets and stick to them

• Gives you valuable insight into your business that will allow you to hire new staff member and see the real impact of fee increases at a glance

• Predict your profit ahead of time

• Support lean cutting in areas where you are paying too much

• Most importantly, know when you can start paying yourself that little bit more!

Your Business Toolkit Co-Creators

- Dr Jade Scott (Osteopath)

Owner/Director of Western Region Health & GrowthRx Education
Harvard Educated Leadership Development Facilitator & Team Performance Coach


- Kamara Wagstaff

TOP 5 Certified Consultant for MYOB Australia

35 Years of Account Management Excellence & Bookkeeping Fellow Inductee

Innovator of the Year in 2016